Omax Portable Photography shooting tent for table top product photography (80 X 80 X80) cm

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By Omax
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  • Suitable for all table top product photography with higher rate of light transmission and equivalent distribution of the light.
  • Specially made matte backdrops helps to get the best out of the detail of the product.
  • Can be folded and zipped within the pouch provided, Easy to carry, Matte backdrops can be held inside the same pouch
  • Size of the tent is approx 80x80x80cm when open, approx 15cm when folded.
  • Photo tent 80x80x80cm = 1 No.;
  • Matte Black Backdrop;  =  1 No.;
  • Matte Blue Backdrop -  = 1 No.,
  • Matte Red Backdrop -   = 1 No.;
  • Matte White Backdrop -=1 No.;
  • Carrying pouch              =  1 No

    SKU: OM_136