Samyang Auto Focus Lens for APS-C, AF 12MM F2.0 for Sony E Mount

By Samyang
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Product Description:

Now APS-C camera users who prefer to use autofocus lenses can easily capture vast sceneries with high resolution. Samyang's advanced AF technology is adoted to Samyang MF 12mm F2.0 which has been loved by its outstanding image quality. Thus, clear images without distortion and vignetting can be obtained through in-body image stabilization. Meet the AF 12mm F2 E equipped with new design and weather sealing feature! Samyang MF 12mm F2.0, one of the Samyang's bestsellers, now adopts the Autofocus system! This new prime lens is the world's first Autofocus 12mm lens compatible with E mount, which performs optimally on Sony APS-C mirrorless cameras. 1. It's the only option for APS-C users who want ultra-wide-angle autofocus lens. 2. It's a perfect match to compact APS-C camera with gimbal, since it's very compact and light. 3. It includes useful design features as well as new modern design to meet the photographers' needs. It has new modern designs such as matt finishing and a hidden red ring. An ergonomically designed grip with a micro pattern rubber ring maximizes the usability. A weather-sealing feature and a rear protective glass prevent dust, light rain, and snow from penetrating. Bright F2 aperture guarantees faster shutter speed in low light condition while capturing astrophotography or nightscapes. 5 special glasses (1 H-ASP, 1 ASP, and 3 ED) in this lens deliver exceptional resolution from the center to corner, minimizing optical aberration. Meet the 'Astrophotography-Centric' lens for the photographers who want both astrophotography and Autofocus system.

Key Features:

  • The AF 12mm F2 E is a dream lens for APS-C users who want to take astrophotography. This 12mm focal length lens provides an ultra-wide-angle of view of 99.1° and has full compatibility with Sony APS-C mirrorless cameras (E mount). Now APS-C photographers can create wide angle astrophotography in harmony with the background landscape by taking advantage of wide angle of view.
  • This lens offers a bright F2 aperture which guarantees faster shutter speed in low light conditions, and this makes you capture clear and round star shape.
  • You can take the starry night or nightscape images with outstanding image quality thanks to the advanced optical design incorporating 5 special elements (1 H-ASP, 1 ASP, and 3 ED). This lens achieves exceptional resolution image quality from the center to the edges of the frame, even at F2 maximum aperture. The backlight haze is effectively decreased due to the 14-layer-special coating even with the small hood.
  • AF 12mm F2 E is the lightest and smallest AF 12mm lens currently in the market. Weighing only 213g and measuring only 59.2mm in length, this new 12mm strikes the perfect balance of portability and outstanding performance and is a perfect match to compact APS-C camera with gimbal. This lens includes new modern design features such as matt finishing and a hidden red ring. Photographer's shooting environment as well as modern design is considered.
  • Bright F2 aperture offers beautifully blurred background. The subject and background are effectively separated, creating an impressive ultra wide images with shallow depth of field. The 7-blade circular aperture contributes natural-looking bokeh and impressive starburst effect.