77mm CPL Circular Polarizer Filter for Nikon Coolpix P1000

By Green L
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Product Description:

Circular Polarizing (CPL) Filter the wonderful photographic gear. It able to increase the contrast and saturation of your pictures, especially for the sky, clouds, plants, flowers etc. Light rays which are reflected by any object surface and become polarization. Circular Polarizing (CPL) filters are used to select which light rays can be entered to your cameras / lenses. Front thread available which convenient for adding additional filter or lens cap / cover .

Allow you to remove the unwanted reflections from the non-metallic object surface such as water, glass . The filter ring made by a durable material - METAL.

Specification: Compatible with SLR camera / digital camera / camcorder DV lens- High quality crystal optics filter- Brand new , never used- Made of metal (not plastic) Colour: Silver Contains: 1 x 77 mm Green.L CPL Filter 

Key Features:

  • Glass lenses for optimal image clarity and scratch resistant
  • The CPL filter (Circular Polarizer) is great for removing unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as glass or water.
  • Aluminum ring for higher quality Image
  • These filters are double threaded allowing additional filters to be mounted one over the other.
  • Deepens the intensity of blue skies, reduces or eliminates glare