Miliboo MTT705AWH Aluminum Monopod with Folding 3-Leg Base

By Miliboo
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Product Description:

Miliboo MTT705AWH is a professional camera and camcorder monopod, it gives more flexibility and stability to use.

You can distinguish our products by the width, tube diameter, load-bearing, material and so on. The mono pod without head

Can be used as a climbing stick if you need. The ball rotation design on the triangle holder, 360 angle, making mono pod pitch

At 90 angle, you can press button to folding and opening and lock the knob to prevent monopod from shaking for a fixed angle

Monopod has the unique characteristics of portability and flexibility for outdoor photography and ruleless moving occasions. occasions of photoing wild animals, climbing and so on need carrying requirements, the mono-pod can be as a climbing stick. There is no more space for tripod in sports events, concerts, and on-the-spot. news reports occasions. Not only capturing movements, but also possessing stability, anti-shaking and flexibility. miliboo brings photography more possibilities.


Model: MTT705AWH

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Legs tube diameter: 20-24.6-29-34.2mm / 0.79-0.97-1.14-1.34 inch

Wall thickness: 1.2mm / 0.048 inc

Maximumload-bearing:10kg / 22.04 lbs

Attachment: 1/4″ screw, 3/8″ screw

Weight: 1.6kg

Leg sections: 4

Storage height: 70cm/ 27.56 in

Min height: 70cm / 27.56in

Maximum height:166cm / 65.35 in

Head type : No

Cary bag included : Yes