Benro C4780TN Carbon Fiber Tripod

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Benro C4780TN Carbon Fiber Tripod


Benro new Combination Series Tripod is designed with high loading capacity, counterbalance and stability. It can support the use of 135mm,medium and large format and even heavy cameras. When pursuing for high weight tripod, photographers also attach great importance on the stability of a tripod, so Benro Combination Series Tripod is the optimum choice for solving this problem. large tripod of four models.

The use of magnesium alloy by Benro together with cutting-edge technology has brought about excellent high strength and rigidity for the tripod.

Newly reinforced spider magnesium alloy parts.

Magnesium alloy
The optimum choice of professional tripod

Excellent shock-absorbing property
overwhelming impact-resistance ability
light Weight
QIHM-8X High Intensity Carbon Fiber Technology
Marvelous toughness,High strength Light weight Good shock absorption
QUASI-ISOTROPIC design of 8 layer hos been applied in BENRO QIHM-8X high intensity carbon fiber technology.As each layer alternates its direction distributing weight load in 6 axial three dimensions,it is still more perfect in design,lighter in texture and more stable in structure and its intensity will beyond your imagination.Compare with the most excellent carbon fiber tube all over the world, Benro QIHM-8X Carbon Fiber Tube has increase its longitudinal strength by 40%,transverse strength by 80% and overall strength by 60%.What’ s more, the high brittleness and easiness to break of imported carbon fiber tube has been completely solved.According to the test,it has been shown that the maximum pressure load of imported carbon fiber leg tube is 84.4kg while that of Benro QIHM-8X carbon fiber tube is 134.lkg.

 Angle Adjustment System of leg Tube
Externally-pulling Angle Adjustment System
The externally-pulling angle adjustment slice,with its easiness and practicability is easier to make the leg tube present needed angle.

The tightness of Tripod screws shall be adjusted
In order to remain moderate tightness, the screw should be regularly examined. If the screw is too tight, the leg tube will slip away, likewise, if it is too tight, it would cause trouble for operation and may possibly damage the tube.

Way of Folding
just folding the third leg tube inwardly.

Install geared central column
After removing the flat supporting plate,the photographer can directly install geared central column (AGC3) (buy separately)

Quick Leg locking system
ALR ( Anti-Rotation-leg ) is applied to leg locking system. Besides,Benro latest QLS design – bounding locking device is also applied.Locking ring and locking knob are integrally embedded thus,when operating,the photographer can save much time and strength and feel extremely convenient and smooth.

Leg dust resistance technology
The dust resistance cap of the newly designed leg location system is closely attached with legs. Do not make the lock sleeves expose. When loosening and locking tripods, the dust resistance caps move according, which can effectively clear the dust an the legs and prevent dust came into legs. Compared with former products, the dust resistance performance is improved a lot, which makes the photographers use less time for cleaning and maintenance.

Exchangeable Spike Feet System
Rubber feet can be fast changed by metal spike or vice versa according to the different ground conditions


  • Section: 4
  • Max.D : 36.2
  • Min.D : 25.2
  • Max.H : 1590
  • Min. H : 145
  • Folded : 610
  • Weight : 2.69
  • Max. Load : 25

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