Godox ML-CS1625 Soft Tent for for Flash

By Godox
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Key Features:

An InnovativeLight System】Want to try something different Be inspired by aninnovative system of light accessories! They aredesigned with distinctive features to elevate yourlighting experience in all rounds for light softness,variable light effects, setup time and even portability.
One for Universal Pair】1. Godox mount adapter, to work with al Godox mount lights. 2.Round head adapter, to work with all round head speedlights like Godox Vi series.3.Rectangle to round head adapter, to work with most rectangle speedlights
More Possibilities thanYou Expect】Collapsible design opens several ways to shape light.Use diffusion dome in fully extension for 360-degreelighting, or collapses the back to diffuse at 180 degrees,and when collapsing the front, you can change thelight quality for more dimensionality.
Pleasant Softness】Wrap your light into the tent or dome and you will getpleasant softness for beauty look.
Load Free】Soft material as a new choice makes them lightweightand flexible in shape, easily to be squeezed as small aspossible for storage or transportation.